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DR waterproof soft label

DR waterproof soft label

Features: Label has a closed space and can be used in a liquid....






The above three kinds of soft label product information:

Length............ 45.21 mm (+ 0.5mm)

Width............ 10.67mm (+ 0.5mm)

Thickness (except gasket).........≤1.89mm

(2)Resonance frequency:58 KHZ

(3)Main material: PVC transparent film, PVC plastic shell, resonance, partial disk, double-sided adhesive

(4)Tag application guide:

Should be affixed to the bar code in the range of 7cm; Should be posted on difficult to find place
Product description should not be covered;No requirements for labeling
In order to ensure the effective use of the label please label from non ferrous metalmore than 3mm, from ferrous metals more than 9mm
(5)Suitable range:
EAS system is suitable for large and medium-sized shopping malls, supermarkets, clothing stores, shopping centers, bookstores, video stores, fur, clothing stores, cosmetic stores, shoe stores, bookstores, libraries, open style pharmacy.......

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